Two cases of domestic violence victims have been successfully completed with the assistance of GYLA

Date: 30 May 2019

In May 2019, 2 cases of female victims subjected to domestic violence have ended successfully with the help of GYLA Zugdidi office:

The victim has been systematically experiencing various forms of violence during the last six years, including limited communication with parents, restriction of free movement and social networking. In March 2019, the victim was able to contact 112 and reported the fact of violence against her. Police officers who came to the scene issued a restraining order against all members of the family on the facts of violence against the victim, but they did not initiate an investigation under criminal law. The victim applied to the Zugdidi District Prosecutor's Office with the assistance of GYLA Zugdidi office. After the application was submitted, an investigation and criminal persecution began. Finally, the investigation was carried out promptly and efficiently, and the court found the abuser guilty and made a conviction;

During the proceedings of the criminal case, the abuser applied to the Zugdidi Regional Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, with the motive for revenge for the victims, saying that he was a victim of violence and requested to issue a restraining order. Despite the fact that there was no evidence of violence, the Ministry of Internal Affairs issued a restraining order against the victim for protection of the abuser. With the help of GYLA, a victim of violence appealed the restraining order groundlessly issued against her and won a court dispute.